1. Always Read the Labels. This one seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people pay no attention to the labels on their clothing, or even worse, tear them out completely. Your dry cleaner should always reference the labels prior to cleaning but you, should be the first to call attention to any special care instructions or unique fabrics to ensure it is properly noted in advance. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Don’t Try to Remove Your Own Stains. Our natural tendency when we spill on our clothes or notice a stain is to try and remove it ourselves. Avoid the temptation and get it right to your dry cleaner instead. Otherwise, you are actually more than likely to make it worse by rubbing oils, colors, foods, etc. deeper into the fabric making it even more difficult or even impossible to remove.
  3. Be Sure to Point Out Any Stains During Drop-Off. In the event you do bring something to your dry cleaner that has a stain on it, do not simply assume that it will be removed during the dry cleaning process. Always be sure to point it out in advance so it can be properly marked and attended to as part of the cleaning service. For best success, stains need to be treated prior to the actual dry cleaning process to avoid risking that the stain becomes even more embedded into the garment.
  4. Point Out Any Special Buttons or Stitching. Some garments have delicate buttons or stitching that requires special care or at a cautious handling at a minimum. Your dry cleaner will want to know about this in advance so to ensure you avoid potential damage, be sure to call it out upon drop off.
  5. Make Any Special Care Requests Up Front. Lastly, and to summarize all of the above: always be sure to highlight any special care requests at the time of drop off. Do not leave it to chance or simply assume all will be well during the dry cleaning process. Whether you have a stain, delicate fabric, ornamental buttons or otherwise, it’s always in your best interest to point it out early to ensure a positive dry cleaning experience and long lasting care.
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