Some fabrics last longer than others, some are easier to remove stains from and some simply hold their shape and size better.

The absolute best way to maintain your fabric is to use a dry cleaner to ensure proper care and handling

To keep from becoming disappointed with a new fabric, be sure to consider a few basic questions before you buy.

  • Will the material hold up and be durable based on how you plan to use it? For example, if you are looking for an every day table cloth for a big family, avoid a thin fabric that requires special care.
  • Will the fabric resist stains and dirt? Some fabrics are very difficult to get stains out of. Think of silk and cashmere.
  • Are there any protective coatings of finishes available that will prolong the useful life of the textile? Many people overlook the benefit of spraying a protective coating over a fabric to help fight stains and hold its color.
  • Is the fabric preshrunk? If so, the odds the article continues to hold its fit is very high since the day you try it on is likely how it will continue to fit after several washes.
  • Is the fabric resistant to light, fading or pollution? This is generally hard to know in advance but articles that have bright colors are prone to fading from washing and drying.
  • Do any care instructions come with the purchase? Read all instructions or information before buying the item to ensure you do not mistakenly damage the fabric during your first cleaning.

Consider a few basic rules to protect and prolong the beauty of your fabrics:

  • Protect all furnishings from sunlight, fumes, and pets.
  • Damage, like tears, should be repaired immediately.
  • Vacuum and/or brush to remove dust regularly.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.
  • Do not allow the item to become extremely soiled, and have any stains removed immediately.
  • Clean household textiles before storing.

Canyon View Cleaners has provided dry cleaning services to Utah residents since 1976. We now have three convenient locations in Sandy and Draper Utah. Come visit us today for all of your dry cleaning needs!

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