All Things Dry Cleaning

How Does Same Day Service Work?

Just drop off your clothes before 2 pm and we will have it cleaned before 5 pm. (Some specialty items, like wedding dresses and households, take more time to clean and will take longer than one day.)

What is the first thing I should do when I spill on my clothes?

Blot the spill, but never rub it, as that can set the stain. The quicker you get it to us, the better, as it is easier to clean a stain before it sets. Club soda and other “miracle” cleaners, can actually set stains making them impossible to remove. The more information you provide and the sooner you give it to us, the greater the chance of removal.

What do you do with stains that won't come out?

Canyon View Cleaners has a great success rate getting out difficult stains. However, occasionally we are unable to remove some stains. The best prevention is for you to tell us about a stain before we clean your item. Some stains don’t appear until after a cleaning, like battery acid, but we can treat it if we know you’ve been around such materials. Otherwise, we will contact you to let you know that a stain has been stubborn and talk to you about your options.

How quickly will my alterations be returned?

Our professional alterations are typically completed within one week. Some items, such as wedding dresses or a lining in a coat, may take a little longer so we recommend you contact us early. Overall, we strive to get your garments back to you as soon as possible.

Why are the buttons breaking/cracking on my shirts?

Unfortunately, not all buttons are made of the same quality. Many manufacturers may use inferior buttons that are more prone to breaking or cracking. At Canyon View Cleaners, we try to keep an eye out for missing or broken buttons and replace them before the garment is returned to you. Sometimes we might overlook a damaged or missing button, but bring it to our attention and we will fix it for you.

Does dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

Just the opposite, frequent cleaning prolongs the life of a garment. Not only do stains set with age, making the garment unwearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as an abrasive, like sandpaper, causing rapid wear of fibers. Insects are also attracted to soiled clothes and can cause further damage.

If my garment label says "washable" does this mean it cannot be dry cleaned?

Not necessarily. The Care Label Rule states that only one suitable method of care must be on the label. Cleaners usually follow the care instructions, unless otherwise requested. If you want your washable items dry cleaned, we may ask you to sign a waiver.

How should I clean my bedspread or comforter?

Many bedspreads and comforters, especially those that are tailored and quilted, should be dry cleaned or professionally laundered. Save the care instructions on these items as they may appear on a temporary label or on the packaging instead of being attached to the item themselves. This will help us select the best care method. It is wise to clean all matching or coordinating items at the same time and by the same process. This way, any color changes, however minimal, will be uniform.

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