Canyon View Cleaners started serving Utah’s residents in 1976 and since that time, we have been asked a lot of questions.

A common question we are asked is about the life expectancy of common household fabrics people have around their home. Eventually, everything will wear out but under normal wear and with proper handling, what is normal?

Below we outline the most common household fabrics along with some general expectations around the typical life expectancy of each.

  • Table Linens – 5 years
  • Towels – 3 years
  • Upholstery Fabrics – 5 years
  • Slipcovers – 3 years
  • Sheets and pillow cases – 3 years
  • Bead spreads – 6 years
  • Comforters – 5 years
  • Drapery – 3 to 5 years
  • Heavy wool and synthetic fibers – 10 years
  • Curtains – 3 years

After a certain period of time you can expect your fabrics to wear thin, ball up, tear and simply look worn.

Instead of just throwing it out, think of other ways you can transition old fabrics for other uses around the house.

For example, old towels work great for washing and drying your cars. Bed sheets and old pillow cases can be cut up and used as gentle dusting cloths that will not damage your furniture. Fabrics can be used to polish your shoes, clean the windows and more.

To extend the life expectancy of any fabric, bring them by Canyon View Cleaners to our Sandy or Draper locations and we will be sure to handle with care and keep everything in tip top condition!

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