Canyon View Cleaners has been in business since 1976 so we’ve seen literally hundreds of thousands of stains on our customers clothing.

At our three dry cleaning locations in Draper, Utah and Sandy, Utah, we’ve become experts at stain removal and our customers know they can count on us to remove stains. If it can come out, we’ll make it happen.

Our value dry cleaning customers frequently ask us what the most common stains are so if you too are curious, check them out below!

1. Coffee stains – as you might imagine, we see a lot of coffee stains! Many of these can be avoided by simply not trying to sip on your coffee while you’re in your car on the way to work, as many people do.

2. Ink stains – these stains are extremely common in the front pocket of a dress shirt or on the sleeve. And it’s not just a leaky pen that causes a problem; lots of people simply forget to put the lid back on their pen before sliding it back into their pocket. Oops!

3. Water stains – many people do not think of water when it comes to potential stains but many fabrics are not meant to get wet and can stain in the rain or an accidental spill.

4. Food Stains – food is obviously a very common stain and as you might guess, they come in a wide variety. Common culprits are salad dressing, drinks, sauces and more; especially on ties. As a tip, remember to unfold your napkin and use it to cover your lap and lower stomach area.

5. Deodorant Stains – sweat and deodorant stains under the armpit area is a very common stain that can be difficult to remove. The best way to protect your shirts from this type of stain, wear a t-shirt as an undergarment when possible.

6. Gum – while not your tradition stain, per se, gum can be a major problem on clothing and is something we commonly address for our dry cleaning customers; especially on the seat of your pants or dress where you might unexpectedly sit on something sticky that you didn’t see beforehand.

7. Lipstick – we see lipstick on both women’s and men’s clothing articles so it can be a problem for everyone. We add lipstick in the same general category as makeup and it can be very difficult to remove so be careful when applying makeup or getting close for a hug!

8. Dirt – this is an obvious one and it can come in many different forms and for just as many different reasons. A common mistake is lifting a box or something that has hidden dirt or dust so be careful the next time you think about taking the UPS package into the office.

As always, any time you spill on your clothes, avoid the temptation to rub it out with a napkin or cloth and instead get it under some cold water and gently dab it with a clean cloth. And then get it to your dry cleaner as quickly as possible for the best chance of a successful removal.

Looking for the best dry cleaner in Draper or Sandy, Utah? Come in to one of our convenient dry cleaning locations in Draper and Sandy for all of your dry cleaning needs.

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