You do everything to keep your clothes in great condition. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do once you get a nasty stain on your clothes. You can go to the dry cleaners or attempt to clean the item yourself. However, sometimes those stains just don’t want to come out. It is really hard to prevent stains from ruining your clothing, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are 4 simple tips that can help prevent unwanted stains from sticking to your clothing.

Ask About a Stain Guard

Do you take your clothes into a dry cleaners to get cleaned on a weekly basis? If so, next time you go in, don’t forget to ask about their stain guard. Some dry cleaners have a product that is known as a stain guard or water repellent. This spray is commonly used on leather jackets to prevent water from destroying the leather. It can also be used to help prevent liquid stains from sticking to your lighter colored clothes. Unfortunately, the product does not work well on darker colored clothes and doesn’t prevent all stains from forming. However, it can help prevent liquids from actually soaking into the fabric.

Avoid Those Pesky Sweat Stains

Don’t you hate when sweat stains ruin your brand new clothing? We do too. Sweat stains might be the most obnoxious stains to try and remove. Don’t worry though, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent sweat stains from ruining your favorite garments. The first tip starts before you even put your shirt on. If you’ve found that your garments are constantly being ruined by sweat stains, maybe it’s time to consider changing deodorants. Often time deodorants with strong perfumes are the culprit to leaving behind underarm stains.

If that trick doesn’t seem to work, try applying a pre-wash immediately after you’re done wearing your shirt. A pre-wash treatment might not fully remove an older stain, but it can help keep your clothes looking newer. Once you’ve washed your shirt, if you can, skip the dryer. The heat from the dryer might set the stain in. This process could potentially darken or even yellow your shirts underarms.

Leave it Alone

When we spill something on our clothing our immediate thought is to wipe it off. Unfortunately, what many might not know, is that this knee jerk reaction can actually ruin your clothing. Depending on the stain you’ve just spilled, rubbing at it might actually pull the color out of your clothing. Once the stain is actually removed, you’ll notice a small amount of color loss in the area of the stain. This happens when you attempt to get rid of the stain by rubbing it off of the garment. Instead of jumping to this step, try to leave the stain alone. If the stain is really wet, lightly pat the stain to soak up the excess liquid, but never rub at it.

Another knee jerk reaction to treating a new stain is to put water or club soda on the effected area. For some stains, this tactic might work. However, if the stain doesn’t come out with this method and you have to take it to a dry cleaners, the stain becomes that much harder to get rid of. If you aren’t sure whether you should be putting water on your stain, it might be best just to leave it alone. Unfortunately, it can be embarrassing to have a large grease or wine stain on your clothing while you’re out to eat. However, if you wait until you get home, you can choose to treat it as soon as you can or take it into the cleaners.

As hard as it might be to let the stain sit, the item might be better off. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your garment is to leave it be until you can properly treat it.

Get it Cleaned Immediately

Whether you want to try and wash your garment at home or take it to the dry cleaners, don’t let that pesky stain sit for a long period of time. Once the stain settles into your clothing it can become extremely difficult to remove. The sooner you start to work on the item, the better. You can apply a pre-treatment or even just drop it off at your local dry cleaners and let them tackle that annoying stain!


Stains are tricky! Preventing them is hard, but it isn’t impossible. With these simple tips, you can help prevent stains from sticking to your favorite garments. If you’re afraid that you’ll ruin your clothing, simply take it into your local Canyon View Dry Cleaners. They love a good challenge and have plenty of tricks that will help salvage your clothing.

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